Removing False Eyelashes Without Damaging Your Real Lashes

Apr 11 , 2019

Removing False Eyelashes Without Damaging Your Real Lashes

Let's face it- by the time we get home from a night out on the town, the last thing we want to do is spend extra time on removing our false lashes. We all have the urge to just rip those bad boys off as soon as we get home. But it's important to remove your lashes properly so you can reuse them again (to get the best bang for your buck) and to not permanently damage your real lashes in the process. Here are some things to do to ensure your real lashes stay in tact and your strip lashes last you as long as possible!


Application Is Key

If you apply the lashes the right way to begin with, you're already minimizing the chance of damage to real lashes. Make sure the adhesive you're using is not getting into your natural lash line. Be sure to apply the false lash strip close to, but not directly on, your lash line.


Use The Proper Type of Adhesive

There are a lot of choices for adhesives on the market but your best bet is to go with one that is safe for sensitive eyes and latex free. Try using one with a brush for a more precise and less messy application.


Use Oil to Remove 

Organic coconut oil seems to be a universal remedy for just about everything these days. So why should false lashes be any different? You can use an oil soaked cotton ball to gently work the adhesive from the lash strip and remove the band from around the lash line.


Use Lash Conditioners

Just like the hair on our head, our lashes need some TLC as well. Using a lash growth serum at the base of your lash line can not only strengthen your existing lashes but can also promote new lash growth too. The trick to these is to be consistent because it generally takes up to 6 months of regular use to really see a difference. 



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